What To Expect From Wheeled Coolers? September 30, 2016

cooler-wheelLooking for wheeled coolers, here is some information that might be useful for you to make a selection. People who use coolers for transport understand the difficulty in moving it from one place to another. When it is a full sized cooler that goes from your vehicle to the field it is important have wheels on it, especially if you have to handle the task all by your own. There are some functional rollers cooler that can help make you job easier. Check out some top wheeled cooler reviews and features below. Also get an insight into the cooler industry with a helpful market research guide at http://gracenferguson.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Market-Research.pdf

Features of wheeled coolers
Each one has a different purpose and based on what your needs are you can pick a wheeled cooler. Mostly all are the same but some may be special for your needs. Some of the aspects to consider before making a choice are:

Height of the handle
This may look trivial but is crucial while you are on the move. A taller person has to crouch to hold the handle while rolling the cooler causing inconvenience. Imagine crouching for a long distance, what should have been a convenience will become a pain. It is best to opt for telescopic handles to make the process comfortable.

Size of the wheel
Wheels can come in varied sizes depending upon their purpose. You may take the cooler along with you for a trekking trip or an adventure tour where the terrain would be rough. It would be hard to maneuver such terrain if the wheels are not adaptive to suit the terrain. In such cases coolers with large wheels are ideal for the situation.

Transportation size
The dimension of the cooler is crucial for transporting the cooler. Though, handles and wheels are meant for convenience it becomes difficult to fit in the backseats or trunks. Especially if you are travelling by airplane the wheeled cooler can become difficult. The size of the cooler is important to pay attention to when transporting the cooler. It is important to keep these factors in mind while deciding on the attachments like wheels and handles.

Top picks for wheeled coolers
Igloo coolers come with a rolling version of 40, 50 and 60 quart. The cooler remains off the floor, thanks to the riser technology. The handles are placed at the back of the cooler convenient for taller users.

Coleman 42 is a roller cooler that can hold 42 cans. It comes with a telescopic handle that is easier to transport. The soft sided body is responsible for its lightness. It is in the mid size range and comes with a plastic lining placed in a wastebasket making it easier to clean.

Columbia crater is an ice chest that is ideal for all terrain. It has enough room for a big picnic lunch. It comes with a rolling ice chest and is the best wheeled cooler. It comes with a collapsible design and leak proof with a flip top and telescopic handle.

Rubbermaid extreme is a large cooler capable of holding five cases of cans along with ice. The insulation is thick enough to hold ice for five days. It is perfect for large picnics. Despite its size it can comfortably fit at the rear of your car. It comes at an affordable price.

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