Thierry Weinberg – The Genius behind DoubleV Council September 11, 2015

Mr. Thierry Weinberg is a French business executive well known for his stint at Double V Council. What is even more interesting about Mr. Weinberg is his profound admiration for engaging in creating humorous works for television. This was as from 2002 to 2006 with French Canal plus television station.

He founded in November 2009, Double V Council s an operational consulting firm specializing in cost optimization and recovery of public subsidies to businesses. The company’s uniqueness has made Mr. Weinberg one of the most sought after business experts; thanks to his prowess when it comes to optimizing business costs and operations.

In late 2009, Double V Council was created by Thierry Weinberg to allow companies to recover hiring subsidies and subsidized contracts which they are entitled as part of their recruitment ( Unique Insertion Contracts , Contracts Initiative Employment, Jobs for the Future , employment Franks, links) . As of January 2012, after three years of activity, Double V Council took off and further expanded its range of expertise so as to optimize Indirect Purchasing companies.

Today, the cost – Killing firm optimizes including the following cost items in the following firms; small and medium enterprises, Telecommunications, Energy, Supply Chain, Renovations, Security, Babysitting Cleaning, Maintenance, Travel and travel and Office suppliesSince 2014, Double V Council has embarked on reducing its operational local tax expenditures, payroll and rental expenses. In September 2014, Mr. Weinberg embarked on further expanding his company. The result of this initiative was the Double V Insurance subsidiary. The company was formed so as to help optimize contracts on group Insurance (Health Costs, Retirement, and Welfare) and the insurance to its clients and prospects. Mr. Weinberg unmatched business skills have placed him as one of the most discussed executives on the French economic columns. Mr. Weinberg has created an all round figure thanks to his imaginative skills and business acumen.

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