Even Celebrities Are Imperfect Human Beings March 13, 2015


Stars defy society standards

1. Businessmen, and the wealthy, and successful politicians, professionals defy the societal standards in union or live in relationship. They should pay the price for their misadventures: their political career may reach on a roadblock; the wedded life may end in a divorce or they – if converted to Muslim- will fight to stay in harmony with families and two partners.

Stars begin acting like God

2. God is omnipresent as well as a successful man also needs to be Godlike. He sees all nations within the household, and gathers artefacts from all possible states to get a perspective of the Planet, On Earth.

In India, SalarJung Museum at Hyderabad is a one man group of artefacts bought during excursions abroad in 20th century.

* A wealthy business man, paid 2 million US dollars as a tourist for a quick space visit, to have a Godly encounter. Was it a judicious manner of spending his wealth?

*Fortunately we’ve managers in Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, and Warren Buffet, who wish to give their bundles to charity.

Stars behaviour is close

3. A governor of a state in US, a possible Presidential nominee of a European country, a top professional player in US: they all lost their family life, as well as their livelihood, as they were slave to carnal enjoyments. We refuse to learn from history. Mankind is in continuous disaster that is psychological, due to never- ending desire for carnal enjoyments.

Remedial measures

Stars are public figures and their every activity is under public inspection. They don’t have any choice but to act as role models. What’re remedial measures?.

Do not laugh at laugh with individuals, individuals

4. A star in Bollywood is a successful, company guy as owner of a Cricket team, a model, an entertainer, as well as a gentleman – faithful husband to his childhood love. All these really are the favorable characteristics of the idol that is Indian.

A human being is by default a thing that is imperfect. He laughs at his ‘senior’ – who has been a successful Bollywood star and director, decades past, but now lives in oblivion. He must learn to ‘laugh with individuals and not at individuals’. The senior performer-director was the target of the star’s jokes, because of his playing fashion that is simple.

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