Relationship Advice: Secrets to Long-Term Love April 28, 2016

Long-Term Love

Here are some tips for couples who are in a relationship. You can even check out for more Relationship Advice.

Don’t expect to be one and the same.

You need to understand the truth that one cannot always live up to others expectations. A good relationship would always enjoy the mutual difference between each other in food, politics, money and every other issue. It is the difference that brings you surprise every moment. Try to enjoy what others have for you instead of changing them to your wish.

Accept that your partner is fallible.

Please don’t expect your partner to be everything you need, if you do then you are definitely in trouble in your relationship. Making mistakes are obvious with every human being and being in a relationship, you are in no way an exception. Try to develop the habit of forgiveness during the initial stage. This will help you in forgiving your partner’s major mistakes and also avoid bigger hurts.

Learn to talk about “why”.

Every human being makes mistake and this is unavoidable. We are learning from our mistakes. There is no point in ridiculing each other’s mistake. Instead speak out and discuss your mistakes on which the behavior of one hurts the other. Try to understand each other better by discussing your inconveniences.

Accept that sex changes.

The need of your sex life changes when you cross different stages in life. For example initially you will be interested in reproductive sex whereas when years pass by and you become parents, you will look for snatched sex and the need goes on. Try to understand the reality and do something new to increase intimacy with your partner. It is possible to have a happy and healthy sex life with a same person for years. Try to work on it.

Appreciate what life still has to offer while you can.

Try to appreciate what life offers you. During middle age you will realize that your existence is limited. You can still go through your journey which you have spent with your partner. You will definitely have memories of ups and downs, child rising, your work and so on. As you have spent most of your years in your relationship you may definitely have moments to share with each other and have fun. This seems to the happiest moment ever with middle aged couples.

Forget trouble for a little while and laugh together.

Whatever trouble you might have, try to overcome it and laugh for a while. This will boost up your energy of your relationship. Try to stay away from stress factors. Take a break and take laughter therapy. Laughing together with your partner would increase your intimacy too.

Shut up and listen.

Try to give a chance to your partner to speak. Unless you both speak and explain each other’s situation, things will always go messy. Don’t confirm things of your own and scream. Try to get your partner’s reasons for his behavior. Being cool and allowing him to speak would solve many your problems.

Arrange time without the children.

It is natural that your children will occupy the priority of your time after their arrival. But still try to make some private time to spend and speak about each other’s best moments and your likes and dislikes. This would pay way for your happy and healthy relationship in the near future.

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